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Reputable and right around the corner

At AC Auto Electrical & Mechanical we always try to remain ahead of any potential issue. To accomplish this we remain true to
our key principles and deliver consistently high standards in every aspect of our work.

AC Auto Electrical & Mechanical started as a tight knit team in 1996, our team of Auto Electricians and Automotive Mechanics and expanding which enables us to efficiently repair all facets of the motor vehicle from light to heavy transport.

It’s here we pride ourselves on going above and beyond. Our planning expertise means clients can progress their projects with the minimum of fuss and stress.

Our work is about preparing for a wide range of contingencies – then being able to react correctly if things change. Here, experience is crucial.

Despite the standards and regulations there is distinct difference in what you may receive in terms of service and outcome in our industry. With the challenging conditions of the work we come up against, an even stronger focus on this ever-changing environment is required.

At the heart of our work is the focus on before, during and after each project. Before: with ascertain and diagnose. During: with concise action, quick adaptability and constant professionalism. After: with a clear, strategic analysis and a continued pursuit of the best possible service.

With this mind-set in place our clients appreciate the lengths we go to ensuring jobs are done with proficiently and professionally with the best possible service.